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Grilling and Stewing Chicken Meals for The Whole Family

Have a read through our chicken menus to learn how to prep a proper grilled chicken and chicken stewing meal. We have a variety of recipes that vary from different part of the chicken, including wings, legs, breast and a lot more. Try your luck with our many chicken recipes today.

What is the difference between grilling and stewing chicken?

Grilling is a type of cooking that typically involves direct, high heat. It's often used to cook steaks and other types of meat, as well as vegetables. Grilled chicken usually has a nice crisp texture on the outside, while staying juicy and tender on the inside. Stewing, on the other hand, is a slow-cooking technique that uses liquid to slowly cook food over low heat.

This method of cooking helps break down tough cuts of meat, such as chicken legs or thighs. Unlike grilling which cooks food quickly, stewing requires more time for all the flavors to infuse into the dish. Chicken stews are often served in thick sauces with vegetables and spices added for extra flavor. Both grilling and stewing are great approaches when it comes to cooking chicken meals for your family. Grilling gives you a delicious crispy skin with juicy tenderness in the center; stewing provides you with succulent chicken cooked in a flavorful sauce. Pick up some ingredients today and try out one of our recipes for yourself!

Grilled chicken recipes

Grilled chicken recipes are perfect for a family dinner. Grilling is a great way to make sure that your chicken is cooked through and also adds a smoky flavor that can’t be replicated any other way. Whether you use an outdoor grill, charcoal or gas grill, or even an indoor electric grill, there are plenty of recipes that are simple and easy to follow. Try marinating the meat in olive oil, garlic, and herbs for added flavor. You can also wrap the chicken in bacon or top with feta cheese and olives for an extra delicious meal.

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